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Libra Audio, Unit 2 Buckhurst Farm, WITHYHAM, Sussex. TN7 4BB Tel/fax: 01892 662700 Mob: 07761 83736


As of 1st January 2020 our rates and terms of contract will be as follows:‐


Daily Rate:

£250.00 /300.00 per day based upon a 10/12 hour day respectively.

Overtime @ £25/hour or

in excess of 13/15 hours charged @ 1½ days or

in excess of 16/18 hours charged @ 2 days (double rate).

* All travel & parking costs covered

Any overnight accommodation (B&B) paid where required

Minimum of two meals provided during a 10/12 hour period or PD’s @ £30/day

*Travel costs covered OR travel time charged at standard hourly rate

Minimum day call out rate: £180.00 plus expenses

Sundays: 2x standard day rate.

All rates are within those recommended by BECTU.

Most terms negotiable


Charged @ 40p/mile (Averaged based upon Inland Revenue Approved Mileage Rates IRAMR)


What will be chargeable:

  • Where reassignment of other contractor's work has to be redone. (Where this does not meet standards or causes on‐site issues).
  • Provision of extra kit/parts that were not part of the quotation.
  • Additional site visits/call‐outs
  • Cancellation of booking:

Notice Given of Cancellation

% of Total Hire/Engagement Charges

8 days or more
7 ‐ 2 days
Less than 48 hours

100% + incurred costs

  • Cancellation of any accommodation costs.


A deposit of 40% with written instruction (Purchase Order) will secure the quote. Quotation is only ‘active ‘ for 6 months and products quoted are based upon current production models being available. Libra Audio have the right and discretion to find alternative products in the event of lines being discontinued. All equipment supplied belongs the property of Libra Audio until final balance of accounts have been met

Payment of Accounts:

Strictly 30 days

Consecutive work not undertaken without prior invoices being cleared.

No single account to exceed £600.00 balance in arrears.

On instruction from our bank, this will be applied to all outstanding accounts followed by legal actonon non compliance of payment.


"If we are not paid according to the agreed credit terms we reserve the right to charge interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and a debt recovery charge under the Act"

Variance of quotation.

  • Installation/flightcases: Due to fluctuating prices, Quote only 'live; for 6 months. Additions to or changes to specifications quoted and delivery charges will be reflected in the final cost.

  • Installation/sales: Models subject to change according to availability Additional charge for installation outside 'normal' working hours & weekends.

  • Show/presentation & hire: Any subsequent costs such as additional site visits, administration,

    shortfall of crew provisions etc. will be added to the price.
  • Show/presentation & hire: Any subsequent costs such as additional site visits, administration, shortfall of crew provisions etc. will be added to the price.


All Sennheiser products have a three year warranty as does the Signet PL1 Portable Loop Amplifiers. All other equipment supplied carries a 12 month warranty. Libra Audio also provides a 12 month warranty to work undertaken and will replace/repair any component of the installation unless caused by a third party. e.g. electrician/plumbers/builders cutting through the loop or portable devices being dropped.
(Hearing Loops) A personal hand –held listening/testing device will be supplied for your convenience plus we recommend an annual systems check by ourselves or an approved AFILS installer

All prices are ex‐VAT and inclusive of parts & labour. Full warranties as per manufacturer’s guarantee plus free service support for 1 year.


Decorations and fabric of the property.

During the course of any installation, it may be necessary for drilling and making fixtures, slight damage may incur. Where possible Libra Audio will undertake any remedial work to our best abilities. Whilst Libra Audio will endeavour to retain the original finish and detail of any surfaces , where the distress or damage is beyond our capabilities or not within the budget, then it is the responsibility of the client to arrange for re‐instatement. With the client’s permission, Libra Audio can arrange alternate contractors to undertake this work on their behalf.